Cyber Crime and Small Business

Stories of cyber attacks have been making the news lately as big companies like Sony and Lockheed Martin have suffered large attacks of their computer systems.  The federal government also has been a victim.

However, big companies and government are not the only targets.  Small business owners can be attacks as well.  Most of the cyber criminals are after credit cards or other information that can be turned into money quickly.  The Wall Street Journal today has a story about cyber attacks of small business.  In one case, criminals placed spyware on cash registers to steal credit card number and the investigation cost the owner $22,000!

Make sure that you take data protection seriously!  Some of the actions that you can take is to insure that your systems are as secure as possible.  Make sure that your contracts include protections from the vendors and makes sure that you limit secure data to computers that are either not connected to the Internet or where you have very safe systems in place.

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