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  1. Employers and the Minimum Wage

    The minimum wage law is not as simple as it seems for employers. All employers should make sure that they understand the law and pay employees correctly.

  2. Hiring and Firing a Family Member

    Any business should take care to establish the infrastructure necessary to support having, and paying for, employees before they hire the first position. It’s well worth the effort.

  3. The Trouble with Success

    There are many examples of companies that fail in the process of succeeding. Zulily does not appear to be heading toward failure but they are struggling with the challenges of success which can be a valuable lesson for businesses of all sizes.

  4. Business Law Issues for the New Year

    Owning and operating a business is a challenge under the best of circumstances but each new year brings new changes in laws and a flurry of compliance requirements. Make sure that you know what your legal and compliance obligations are, create a calendar to track and remind you and make sure it is all done on time.

  5. The Washington Tax System

    The Seattle Times front page article highlights the problems with the Washington State B&O tax and the difficulty the politicians have changing it. Without an income tax, the Washington State tax system is regressive and complicated ensnaring many businesses in traps that result in large audit assessments, penalties and interest.

  6. Fiscal Cliff and the Estate Tax

    I am very relieved to find out that the bill just passed by Congress to avert the fiscal cliff finally dealt with the federal estate tax and removed much of the uncertainty that we have been dealing with for the last two years.  Here is a quick summary from Forbes: ESTATE TAX:  Always of significant…