Hiring lawyers can be very expensive and we understand our clients’ need to manage legal costs.  While the best way to save on legal fees is to not need a lawyer in the first place, we can sometimes provide proactive legal advice design to save legal costs later.  We do our best to estimate costs, remain with a reasonable budget and bill fairly and accurately.

We offer a few options for fees:

(Telephone consultations free; $250 for in-office consultation credited to first bill)
We do our best to consult with potential clients before charging a fee; however, we make a living selling our time.  We are always happy to consult, free of charge, over the phone to determine if we can be of assistance and provide an estimate of cost.  In office consultations are charged at $250 which is credited to the first bill should the client elect to retain us.

($250 per hour; $1,000 minimum; $1,000 advanced fee deposit)
For most clients, we charge an hourly rate for services rendered. Typically hourly fee agreements require a $1,000 advance fee deposit prior to the commencement of services and a minimum fee per client of $1,000. Services are billing monthly for the prior month and the fee deposit must be maintained.

General Counsel Plus
($1,250 – $5,000 per month flat fee)
For corporate clients with regular needs, we offer a general counsel service for recurring and strategic legal advice for all legal needs (although specialist services require additional representation). Contracts are month-to-month but preference is for at least a six month soft commitment.

General Counsel for Non-Profits
(No charge)
For non-profits, we offer a general counsel service free of charge. There are limited spaces available and limited capacity.