Business deals, regardless of the size, are sophisticated transactions. Don’t let your company engage in a business transaction before you have consulted a lawyer who has experience in this field. Too many things could go wrong if the transaction is not negotiated and documented properly.

I have broad experience representing companies in the wide variety of transactions ranging in size from $100,000 to multi-million dollar deals. We regularly represent clients in mergers and acquisitions; purchase and sale of businesses; sale, leasing, and financing of personal property; perfection of personal property security interests; use of corporations or limited liability companies to shelter owners from business liabilities; qualification of companies to do business in foreign jurisdictions; employment matters; and the creation and interpretation of non-competition agreements.

Business transactions frequently include complex issues involving federal and state taxation and regulatory compliance. We work with clients, their accountants, and other professional advisors to address these issues in a manner that will optimize the results we achieve for each client.