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  1. Valuation Discounts

    A recent Washington case supported a taxpayer’s use of valuation discounts for LLC units as well as a redirection of excess gifts to a charity.

  2. Money Issues of Surviving Spouses

    A recent article in the Wall Street Journal highlights the importance of planning for the death of a spouse. No matter how uncomfortable it might be, planning ahead is more than worth the cost.

  3. Employees in Washington

    Are you considering hiring employees in Washington State? Whether you are a business located in Washington or an out-of-state business considering hiring one or more employees here, you must be aware of the states requirements for hiring employees.

  4. Estate Planning Money Lessons

    While slightly outdated, this is a very good article that summarizes the need for estate planning and how to approach it.  The key point here is that everyone should have an estate plan as a necessary part of any financial plan or strategy.  Too many people do not have wills or have outdated documents (the…