Non-Profit Accounting and Tax

I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the Washington Association of Accountants on September 25th in Tacoma at the Non-Profit Accounting and Tax mini-seminar.  If you would like more information about this seminar, please follow this link.

I have posted below an outline of my presentation.  If you are interested in this material, I am available to give this (and other) presentations in Western Washington for non-profit organizations as well as for anyone who is thinking of forming a non-profit.

Here is the outline:

1.    Forming a Non-Profit

1.1.  Public Charities and Private Foundations

1.2.  Tax Exempt Status

2.    Fundraising

2.1.  Fundraising Activities

2.2.  Accepting Gifts

3.    Non-Profit Management

3.1.  Form 990 and Related Obligations

3.2.  Disclosure Requirements

3.3.  Unrelated Business Income

3.4.  Governance

3.5.  Reserves

4.    Other Legal Issues

4.1.  Liability

4.2.  Federal Law

4.3.  State Law

5.    Top Ten Legal Checklist for Non-Profits


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