IRS Statute of Limitations

The IRS has a statute of limitations on collections.  Internal Revenue Code Section 6502 places a limit on the amount of time that the IRS can collect a tax debt.  The timeframe is ten years from the date of the assessment.  The date of the assessment is the date that the tax debt is entered into the IRS computer system.  So, just because you have not filed for 2002 does not mean that your problem goes away in 2012.  Once you file a return and it is processed, the IRS enters the assessment into the system and that is when the statute begins to run.

There are a number of tools that we use to manage an IRS tax debt and many of those tools result in the tolling (or suspension) of the statute of limitations.  For example, the statute is tolled in each of the following cases:

If you do not know when your statute expires, the IRS calculates the date which is available as part of your account.  You can call the IRS or order a transcript to find out.

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