DOR Problems Archives

  1. Business Law Issues for the New Year

    Owning and operating a business is a challenge under the best of circumstances but each new year brings new changes in laws and a flurry of compliance requirements. Make sure that you know what your legal and compliance obligations are, create a calendar to track and remind you and make sure it is all done on time.

  2. The Washington Tax System

    The Seattle Times front page article highlights the problems with the Washington State B&O tax and the difficulty the politicians have changing it. Without an income tax, the Washington State tax system is regressive and complicated ensnaring many businesses in traps that result in large audit assessments, penalties and interest.

  3. WA B&O Tax for Staffing Firms

    I receive a number of calls from staffing companies about the application of the Washington Business and Occupations tax (B&O Tax) to their businesses. Many out of state staffing companies (and even many who are based here) are surprised to find out that the B&O Tax applies to the total receipts of a staffing company…

  4. Do Not Avoid Tax Notices

    If you receive a notice from the IRS, the Department of Revenue or any other government agency for that matter, DO NOT IGNORE IT. These notices can be scary and they often threaten painful consequences such as a wage garnishment or a bank levy or seizure of assets. Generally, these issues will not just go…