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  1. Non-Profit Materials

    Links to my materials from my presentation at the Non-Profit Formation, Taxation and Grant-Writing seminar last week which was sponsored by the Puget Sound Chapter of the Washington Association of Accountants on September 25, 2012.

  2. Non-Profits and the Rules of Business

    Forming a non-profit is often a noble exercise which, if done properly, can be used as a vehicle to help people and improve society in many ways. However, the founders must be realistic with their expectations and understand that, in many ways, the experience comes with most of the problems and risks commonly associated with a small business start-up (and some additional risks and restrictions).

  3. Non-Profit Accounting and Tax

    I am pleased to announce that I will be speaking at the Washington Association of Accountants on September 25th in Tacoma at the Non-Profit Accounting and Tax mini-seminar.  If you would like more information about this seminar, please follow this link. I have posted below an outline of my presentation.  If you are interested in…

  4. Business Continuity Planning

    All businesses (and individuals as well) should at least be thinking about business continuity and disaster recovery issues. It is always better to confront these kinds of problems before they become real rather than to figure it out after the fact.

  5. Employees in Washington

    Are you considering hiring employees in Washington State? Whether you are a business located in Washington or an out-of-state business considering hiring one or more employees here, you must be aware of the states requirements for hiring employees.

  6. Cyber Crime and Small Business

    Stories of cyber attacks have been making the news lately as big companies like Sony and Lockheed Martin have suffered large attacks of their computer systems.  The federal government also has been a victim. However, big companies and government are not the only targets.  Small business owners can be attacks as well.  Most of the…

  7. Beware of Stock Photos

    Among the many legal landmines that small business owners must navigate is the problem of the stock photo industry.  These companies, such as Getty Images and Masterfile, use sophisticated software to comb the Internet and look for images that are copyrighted and, if they believe you are using the image without authorization, they send you…