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  1. Healthcare Directives (Living Wills)

    If you are planning to hire an attorney to prepare an estate planning package, make sure that you at least consider including a healthcare directive as part of that process.

  2. The Trouble with Success

    There are many examples of companies that fail in the process of succeeding. Zulily does not appear to be heading toward failure but they are struggling with the challenges of success which can be a valuable lesson for businesses of all sizes.

  3. Budget Cuts at the IRS

    According to a new report from the IRS Taxpayer Advocate, taxpayers can expect slower service from the IRS. It has never been easy or efficient to deal with the IRS but, in a time of reduced budgets for the agency and increasing returns to deal with, it looks like it will continue to deteriorate.

  4. Estate Plan Law Changes

    President Obama is proposed to change the stepped-up basis rules. Under current law, assets held until death aren’t subject to those levies, creating an incentive for wealthy people to hold onto them. Heirs only have to pay capital-gains taxes when they sell and only on the value above what the assets were worth at death and Obama wants to assess capital gains on these inherited assets.

  5. The Washington Tax System

    The Seattle Times front page article highlights the problems with the Washington State B&O tax and the difficulty the politicians have changing it. Without an income tax, the Washington State tax system is regressive and complicated ensnaring many businesses in traps that result in large audit assessments, penalties and interest.

  6. Estate Planning for the New Year

    The new year is a good time to review your estate plan or, if you do not have one yet, to plan for your will, powers of attorney and healthcare directive.

  7. Happy New Year 2015

    I have not been very good at updating my blogs but my New Year’s resolution is to try to update it more regularly.  I often receive many calls in the new year as clients, and potential clients, use the turning of the new year as an opportunity to deal with problems that have been outstanding…

  8. The Estate Tax After the Fiscal Cliff Deal

    Analysis keeps pouring in about how estate planning has been affected by the recent deal in Washington to avoid the Fiscal Cliff.  Rather than re-write it all, I think this article provides a great summary of the impact of this deal.  Overall, this deal has eliminated much of the uncertainty that we have been dealing…

  9. Predictability and the Estate Tax

    The fiscal cliff deal had a surprising result.  It actually solved a problem.  All of the uncertainty surrounding the estate tax over the last few years is finally over.  This article from the New York Times explains it well but, for now, most Americans do not have to worry about an estate tax liability on…